DRAGproject Harrow Technologies

DRAGproject (or DRAG PROJECT) today propose a huge range of specific products, for the landing processing to improve jockeys (o knights-> cavalieri) and horses’ performance.

The investments in research of technological innovations, from the starting planning, to the formulation of the raw material, to the study of the design, is today able to meet business’ requirements, thanks to the deep knowledge of this field, which offers a complete support in terms of systems, by giving solutions and services to all the professionals in this field.

DRAGproject Harrow Technologies

Building and maintenance Arenas – Choice of sands

Transport, installation, testing and calibration Harrows in place

Leveling and preparing Arenas with laser systems


Roberto Drago, owner of Equiproject, will provide, upon request, an offer for a project of customed utilisation for a perfect setting, technical explanations of the functions and of the maintenance of the machine directly to the Staff among the customer headquarter. We can also manage, under request, the complete tillage of your arena, from the leveling of the ground to the right choice of the type of sand which is more suitable to your needs.

2023 Americana – Messe Friedrichshafen, Germany

2018 European Derby and German Futurity, Kreuth

2018 Equita Longines Lyon

2017 Italian Futurity, Cremona

2017 Equita Longines Lyon

2017 Italian Derby, Cremona