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DRAGproject mod. 2800

DRAGproject mod. 2800

Technical informations, characteristics and specifications of this unique EU’s certified harrow model.

  • 5 mm-thickness 100×50 tubular steel double chassis widht 2,80m;
  • rear rake fitted with two reclosable lateral extensions appropriately built for a perfect finish of the soil widht 2,90m; lenght 2,10m (alternatively the optional Grid);
  • welding and sprayed with black micaceous iron oxide paint and metallic grey (customizable chassis color);
  • total weight 1000 kg;
  • irrigation mechanism guaranteed by grey 1000 lt resin barrel fitted with two nozzles with patented fan sprinkler heads; the mechanichal pump is connected directly to the tractor’s power take-off (PTO);
  • scraper blade with hydraulic piston;
  • n° 22 hardened steel C 45 prongs for soil tillage;
  • rear blades constructed from HARDOX 400 for deep soil tillage;
  • a special hydraulic mechanism facilitates the hoisting and lowering of the machinery while keeping in line the front and rear end. The system was projected to facilitate entry and exit from the work area;
  • the central axis built round full drawn diameter of 80 mm and where there is the rotation movement is mounted on four supports with bearings;
  • three-point manual rudder (alternatively the optional hydraulic or mechanic);
  • n° 2 special 26×12.00×12 daily on a axis on 2 hub brass bearings;
  • to be trailed this model needs a 80/100hp’s caterpillar tractor, provided with four rapid oil attacks.

We are able to deliver  the “DRAGproject mod. 2800”  by the 60 working days  after Your’s order. We can provide a quotation of the full supervision service for  Your harrow machine, start up and complete service to learn You about the correct machine’s adjustment  and daily using, anywhere You prefer, as soon as our harrow machine would be delivered to You.

It is also possible to manage the complete tillage of your arena, from the leveling of the ground to the right choice of the sand which is  more suitable to Your needs.

Our project manager  Mr. Drago Roberto, of course  would give You the complete assistance during all the service agree.